Company Profile

MFI is a world-class, full service contract manufacturer of component parts. We specialize in the production of high volume metal stampings, forgings, castings, fasteners, and machined parts. We also have capabilities in heat treating and annealing, powder coating, assembly, packaging, and inventory management.

Our high quality component parts are at work at leading manufacturers in the hardware, railroad, automotive, military, sporting goods, and musical instruments industries. Top quality, quick delivery, close tolerances, and competitive prices are the driving forces behind our success.

In business since 1985, we are renowned for our flexibility in dealing with our customer’s individual special needs. We understand that you want your parts made right the first time, you want them delivered on time, and you want them at a fair price. In short, you want to do business with a company that does what they say they will do, when they say they will do it. We are that company, period.

Our Core Capabilities

  • Stampings
    Metal stamping is a system of processes focusing on sheet metal [more]
  • Forgings
    Forging is an ancient manufacturing process that is used to shape [more]
  • Castings
    Metal casting is a process whereby molten metal is poured into [more]
  • Fasteners
    We have over 20 years of experience making fasteners for our [more]
  • Machining
    Machining is the process by which material is precisely removed by [more]